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So just sitting quietly and holding your loved one’s hand can make a real difference.Occasionally in the last hours of life there can be a noisy rattle to the breathing.There is a spark between them but they are taking it slowly. Voice UK coach Tom was coy when asked about Priscilla.

8 minutes before dying online dating

Last night a spokesman for Tom said: “Priscilla Presley and Tom have known each other for many, many years.” Priscilla, who starred in hit US soap Dallas and the Naked Gun films, married Are You Lonesome Tonight? Sir Tom — who once admitted to sleeping with 250 groupies — was left heartbroken last April when his wife of 59 years Linda died of cancer aged 75.

Nine cute, cuddly kittens nearly died after being trapped inside a container for more than an hour as temperatures outside exceeded 100 degrees.

A local Florida animal shelter says a black car dropped the container off in their parking lot, and employees saw one of the kittens' heads trying to push the lid up.

They rushed to the rescue and went into emergency mode to save the cats' lives.

Inside Edition.com's Lisa Voyticki (https://twitter.com/LDVNews) has more.

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