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Day camp builds an interest in community with experiences in local and global cultures, where campers gain an appreciation for others different from themselves.YMCA of Greater Cincinnati Day Camps give young people an opportunity to enjoy an experience that can last a lifetime.Campers will get a daily time at the pool to cool off.

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Day Camp at the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati offers children positive developmental experiences and encourages them to forge bonds with each other and with staff, building confidence through skill-building activities suited to their age.

Children experience a sense of achievement through opportunities in the outdoors and are welcomed to a physically and emotionally safe and stimulating environment.

Day campers are able to explore creativity, teamwork and leadership in a wide range of physically active programs that influence lifelong healthy living.

They have the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor environment where they develop an appreciation of nature.

For more information or to register for camps, visit the website My or call the YMCA Camp Ernst office at (859) 586-6181. Perfect for all those campers that want to spend every waking hour at the barn.

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