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of this writing, the opening sentence of Larry Sanger’s Everipedia entry is pretty close to his Wikipedia entry.It describes him as “an American Internet project developer …

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best known as co-founder of Wikipedia.” By the time you read this, however, it may well mention a new, more salient fact—that Sanger recently became the Chief Information Officer of Everipedia itself, a site that seeks to become a better version of the online encyclopedia than the one he founded back in 2001.

To do that, Sanger’s new employer is trying something that no other player in the space has done: moving to a blockchain.

This isn’t the first time a company has proposed a decentralized blockchain-based encyclopedia; earlier this year, a company called Lunyr announced similar plans.

However, judging from Lunyr’s most recent roadmap, Everipedia will beat it to market with room to spare.

A live bot compares all ongoing changes, updating the posts as they change while giving priority to Everipedia-based edits. It's completely kosher by the Wikimedia Foundation's own standards.) Yet, Everipedia’s body of human editors, the lifeblood of any wiki-style encyclopedia, isn’t huge; while the site boasts 17,000 registered editors, only a “couple of thousand” of those are active, Forselius says.

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