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Other charities have also seen a rise in calls from people wishing to place a horse because they can no longer manage.

Some, such as Horse World, arrange for rescue horses to be loaned out to foster families.

After that, the carcass is winched up and placed on a truck.' The destination of the dead horse depends on the state of its owner's finances.

If he can afford it, it will be headed to an incinerator, otherwise it is likely to end up as dog meat for a pack of hounds.

Soon, the fellmonger will arrive and a single bullet straight to the brain will kill the horse instantaneously.

'It's not a pleasant thing, it never is,' says Brigadier Paul Jepson, chief executive of the Horse Trust.

It's all been a bit much lately for Liane Crowther, who for upset owners is the calm voice of wisdom on the other end of the phone in the Horse Trust's cosy office.

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