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How herbal do you need to be to qualify as truly herbal??Someone, somewhere urgently and immediately needs to set clear and definite standards for what constitutes 'ayurveda'. Or, in the name of ancient India, consumers will continue to be taken for a ride.This is what the description on Ramdev's own website states: Medicine: .

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And at the end of it all, both will come out unscathed.

Looking good in the eyes of their respective followers.

The company was able to establish that all of its ingredients were listed in traditional Ayurvedic texts.

b) Customer appeal: Companies realised that any product labelled ayurvedic or herbal connoted 'natural' and 'chemical freee' to the customer.

Second on my list are the preachers who say recite this mantra or embrace this form of worship and thou shalt attain salvation. Both of the above, invariably, get drunk on the money and power that fame and following brings. This guru is one who offers more of practical and psychotherapeutic advice than deep religious or spiritual fundas.

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