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However, Cap also had to deal with being a man out of his time, with everyone he knew being long gone, while also being plagued with his greatest failure — not being able to save his sidekick's life in their final fight against Baron Zemo — until Rick Jones finally told him to quit his whining and move on.Cap took that advice, and while the Red Skull drove Rick away when impersonating Cap, Rogers got a new partner, The Falcon, who was with him for years.In the cynical 1980s, Rogers would be forced out of his Cap persona and replaced by an Anti-Hero Substitute, John Walker, only to serve as The Captain to show his ideals still had power in the The Dark Age of Comic Books, loyal to nothing but The American Dream. In 2007, Rogers even took up armed resistance to the American crackdown on the superhero community in the , until he surrendered and was assassinated.

Bucky did a pretty good job filling in for Steve, but, this being superhero comics, Steve eventually came back.

However, Steve felt that wielding the shield was good for Bucky and insisted that he continue on as Captain America until his apparent death in the storyline, Steve will be forced to hand over the title of Captain America to his old partner Sam Wilson, the Falcon, after the Super Soldier Serum is removed from him, turning him into an old man.

In addition to having a bio-mechanical left arm and a new armored costume, he also carries a gun.

Prior to being the Winter Soldier, Bucky was often cited as one of the three people in comics who would always stay dead.

All of it came to an end in the 2017 Crisis Crossover where eventually thanks to the efforts of other heroes (including Sam Wilson), Kobik restored reality and the real Steve Rogers returned, defeated Nazi!

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