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While proving that he loves Sheila Sazs, he finds her in the Harvard file room and when she leaves him alone to call her mother to tell her mother that Louis stopped being such a "pussy", Louis looks through the files, after being expressly told not to.

Louis was a senior associate when Harvey joined the firm, after leaving the District Attorney's Office.

When Fairchild, a former senior partner, had passed away, Louis came up with the idea that instead of having Hardman promote another junior partner to the position of senior partner, that he promote Harvey & himself from senior associates to junior partners, and that one day the firm might be called "Pearson Hardman Specter Litt".

Louis becomes loyal to Daniel, and so Harvey tries to make Louis realize that Daniel is simply buying his vote by proving to him that when Daniel stole from the firm, he set up Louis to take the fall.

Louis rejects Harvey's attempts to make him vote for Jessica instead, and when Harvey realizes he wants Jessica to tell him he deserves his promotion as well realize his value in the firm, he offers his office up.

Louis has a heart attack during a court proceeding and is rushed to the hospital, surviving the minor heart attack.

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