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But he was discreet and it was surprisingly easy to forget he was there. Steph would suck me off first thing, or I knew I wouldn't last long enough to fuck her the way I wanted to.I pulled Steph to me and buried my face between her breasts. She dropped to her knees next to the bed and started stroking my dick.I know it's dangerous having a sex tape, but I wanted our first time together on film. He has three cameras on tripods surrounding the bed and another smaller camera he will carry with him for close ups.

Sure enough, by the time she was seventeen, Stephanie's beauty surpassed Karla's.

At this point when I told Stephanie how beautiful she was it was absolutely the truth, but instead of simply smiling, she would tell me how handsome I was.

I leaned back on my elbows to give her better access and still watch her. Suck my balls." Steph chuckled and happily obliged.

Her head bent down and her tongue flicked teasingly over my balls. She spent the next several minutes lavishing attention on my nuts while her hand pumped my dick.

Steph spread her legs wide, exposing her bare pink cunt (thank God for Brazilians), her long manicured nails slipped between the slick folds. Yeah, that's right Karla, your little sister is in our bed screaming my name while I eat her out. I almost wish Karla could really see me going down on Steph. " Steph and I both froze at the muffled voice downstairs. If she had quietly come upstairs instead of making her presence known she would have caught me with my head between her little sister's legs. We could have fucked any of those times, but she has a roommate and I wanted her first time to be special and just the two of us. Some men want women with large breasts or a sweet ass. I need it in every way possible, my dick, my mouth, my fingers – all of my senses come into play when it comes to my pussy obsession.

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