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I made the charge because of Teesta Setalvad’s pressure.

I kept on telling her not to include that charge in my affidavit, yet it was included.” In her statement before the SIT on May 20, 2008, Madina, who has remarried now, said: “The charge made by Malek claiming that I was raped by a riotous mob is false. When the riotous mob put my house on fire, I tried to run but was attacked by a rioter who injured me with a knife.

Soon after the riots, the human rights activists and the Muslim witnesses had alleged that a pregnant woman Kausarbanu’s womb was ripped open by rioters and the foetus was flung out at the point of a sword.

The gruesome incident was seen as the worst-possible example of medieval vandalism in the modern age.

He told the special court that before being killed, Jafri told him that Narendra Modi abused him (Jafri) on phone when he sought protection during a mob attack.

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